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Saturday, August 21, 2021

"Watercolor Paints on Yupo Paper" | Museum School at Cameron Art Museum || 10:00am -4:00 pm

Come and experiment painting watercolor on Yupo paper. It's an archival paper that is a non porous plastic and it is very different than watercolor paper. Experience the adventure of developing art on slippery paper where the paint is vibrant and exciting, pushing it to make something of substance and creativity. We can work with any type or shades of paint colors that you have.



September 16 - October 21, 2021

"Freeflowing Watercolor" | Museum School at Cameron Art Museum | Thursdays 12:00 pm -  3:00 pm

Six week course to explore the characteristics of flowing watercolors. Each week we will study a different aspect of painting: color mixing, value, depth and composition. Every class will start with a demonstration. Every other week all will paint the same painting, step by step. The between weeks will be the students time to create and develop their ideas and interests.



October 16-17, 2021

"Exciting Floral Watercolors" | Art League of Leland Workshop Series | Sat. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm & Sun. 9:00 - 4:00 pm

Students will explore the excitement of watercolor, letting the paint do what no other medium can do: flow, drip, granulate, and evolve. Students will begin with the necessary preliminary practice Janice employs, followed by a demonstration. Students will then work on their own paintings, receiving individual instruction on design and color. It is helpful for students
to have some working knowledge of watercolor painting.   
Some lucky participants will take home a fresh flower arrangement at the end of the workshop!